YS Falls

YS is the shortest place name in Jamaica. YS was originally a cane farm, with a factory. YS Estate was also a supplier of logwood for export to Europe. The heart of the logwood tree was used for the purpose of making dye.

By 1887 the property had changed hands many times and was held in the Encumbered Estates Court in London. At that time, Great Grand Uncle (John Browne) of the present owner, Tony Browne, had traveled to London to purchase a property in St. Ann. However, upon arrival in London, that property had been sold. John Browne wanting a property with a river running through it bought YS Estate, sight unseen.

YS continued to grow cane, reap logwood trees and raise cattle. With the introduction of synthetic dyes, the need for logwood dwindled. In the 1960’s cane was phased out. In the 1950’s, the present owner, Tony Browne, started to breed and raise thoroughbred horses. Tony Browne continued the breeding and raising of cattle, but now, focuses on the Jamaica Red Poll cattle, which is a pedigreed herd.

Simon Browne, youngest son of Tony Browne, opened YS in 1992 to the public, living out his lifelong wish. However, Simon Browne only wanted to admit 25 persons a day, but the popularity of YS Falls exceeded that. However, Simon monitors numbers to ensure that the natural beauty of YS is not destroyed by inquisitive feet.

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