Ricks Cafe

Locals as well as scores of tourist make Ricks café a must visit place in the evening to watch the 'Birdman', "Spider" and others jump from approximately 35 feet into the crystalline water below. Visitors are allowed to jump from less height. The bar offers countless mixed alcohol beverages and frozen drinks. With a live band that play good authentic reggae music, people gather around every inch of the property to get a view of just about any one jumping off the cliff.

RICK’S CAFE was the first public bar and restaurant of its type on the West End Cliffs, offering an alternative to Negril's majestic seven mile beach. From the beginning, Rick's Cafe boasted an unrivaled view of the sunset from its naturally formed cliffs. Over the years, visitors and locals alike have designated Rick's Cafe as Negril's premier gathering spot and our sunsets have become a Jamaican tradition.

When it is time for the sunset, every one move over to the right of the cliff with camera in hand, ready to take countless pictures of the most spectacular sun set.

Ricks Cafe Ricks Cafe Ricks Cafe