Oristano, now called Bluefield’s Bay; was a source of food and water for the Spanish galleons that sailed the seas between Spain and her wealthy colonies of South and Central America. Its function continued under the English and it was from here that Henry Morgan sailed to capture Panama City from the Spanish in 1671.

Paradise Park is a quite, tranquil, 100 acre private estate, that one will not find in the tour books, this park provides a respite from peddlers and crowds and only 10 riders are allowed to tour the property at the same time. The 18th century estate is located on the tropical savannah with lush, grassy pastures and brilliant collared flowering trees and shrubs. Close by the sea are tangled scrub lands, a natural palm jungle and mangroves where the Sweet River empties into the bay.

You can explore the trails of the tropical forest that has been left intact to preserve the birdlife; opportunity will be given for visitors to lay under the shade of the giant cotton tree, taste a freshly picked ripened mango (may-June), swim in the azure water of Bluefield’s Bay, picnic in the park or one could refresh themselves in the cool crystal clear waters of the Sweet River. You will know how the property got its name PARADISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clothing/Gear - comfortable clothing, swim suite, towels, sturdy shoes, hat with brim, Suntan lotion, insect repellent, camera.