Christmas Extravaganza

GT Taylor's Extravaganza has become one of the few remaining calendar events that have ridden out the worst of the recession to be among the "last events standing". What began in and around other calendar events including Sting, with reservations of its December 25th staging, has become, pardon the clich, larger than life. In its ten years, Extravaganza has seen stride achievements. The event began with support from the entertainment arena, for which the Irie disc-jock GT "one up straight up" Taylor has given insomnia-like support to. Dubbing himself the "dance hall master" GT Taylor has represented the ambits of Jamaican music reggae and dancehall on all fronts. Taylor who came to the reggae radio in the nineties with a distinct sound and willingness to speak the language of the common people, with its slangs and slurs earned disciples in Irie FM "residents" in radio-land.

GT Taylor would keep listeners up on a Thursday - Friday Night with cutting edge new releases, mind reading selections and mustering of everyday people. Like religion, taxi operators, higglers, the little corner shops, and every little crevice where Irie FM was coming through your radio would tune in like clockwork would tune in to "the dance hall master". GT Taylor Extravaganza not only braved one of the most cherished calendar dates to host a show on the Christmas Day but invested in St. Elizabeth to host their major event on that day.

Starved for entertainment and shrouded by the stereo type that only Kingston or the major cities could host reggae events of significance. A number of reggae and dance hall promotions would later come and go. GT Taylor Extravaganza would prove that it was here to stay. Christmas Day turned "Extravaganza Day" The promotions commitment to the entertainment arena has bore fruit in other areas outside music and entertainment. Today part proceeds from Extravaganza go to worthy causes. Like Christmas Day, the day Extravaganza is presented on, is known as a giving day, so too is "Extravaganza Day".

Christmas Extravaganza Christmas Extravaganza Christmas Extravaganza