Denbigh agriculture show

Denbigh Agricultural Show

Denbigh agriculture show is put on by the Jamaican Agricultural Society (JAS) a body which was formed in May 29, 1895 by a former Governor of Jamaica by the name of Sir Henry Blake, with a view to provide services that lead to the development of agriculture and also to improve the standard of living for farmers in Jamaica.

The show has been a hallmark event from as early as 1953 to the present. It is situated on twenty hectares of picturesque lands which is situated in May Pen, Clarendon.

The show lasted for three days; it offers a wide variety of entertainments to over sixty thousands patrons from all walks of life every year. It is also one of the best shows in Jamaica and it is attended by many top government officials such as the Prime Minister both past and present, with special attention given to CHAMPION FARMER of the event.The national Farm Queen competition is another main event that provides a “spark of elegance and class.