Denbigh Agricultural Show

Nestled in the hills in the heart of the cockpit country, miles from the celebrated white sands beach and all inclusive resort Accompong Town has some of the most enchanting names of places such as: “mi no sen, you no come”. The land of look behind, wait-a-bit and quick step.

Dubbed “a nation within a nation” is how Accompong Town can be described. In 1739 the runaway maroon slaves signed a peace treaty with the British Soldiers to gain semi sovereignty over the area, today the treaty still stands. The town is governed by an elected “colonel.” The state can only interfered in the case of capital crime, however residents live a peaceful life as there has been no crime there in over 250 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every January 6, decendants and friends of the maroons from all over the world come together at a festival in celebration of the peace treaty, at this event you will learn about their rich African history, their brave leaders from the Ashanti tribe who fought with the Spanish and the British for freedom.

Visitors can visit the historical site of the Ancient Kedah tree under which a leader of the maroon Cudjoe is said to have united the maroons in their fight for freedom.

In the 1990’s the myal dance became a tourist attractions and a symbol of Jamaican Nationhood, forged through a history of conflict and alliance.